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The VB-200 VideoBadge is a professional Body Worn Camera system with pronounced on/off switch and 130 degree extra wide recording lens.

Currently used across a number of industries including police and prison services, the VB-200 is designed to be rapidly deployed and to be used to its full potential on a daily basis. This device requires no training to operate.

EASY TO USE: Simply slide the switch to begin or stop recording. Easy to use, even when wearing gloves

SECURE: The video and audio is kept securely on the camera with no removable SD card, and is encrypted

PRE-RECORD: The exposed lens means you can take advantage of the VB-200’s pre-record feature

DAY/NIGHT OPERATION: Street lighting and internal lighting is more than sufficient for evidence capture

CHOICE OF ACCESSORIES: Multiple mounting accessories, including Klick Fast, are available to suit a wide variety of needs and uniforms

AUDIO CAPTURE: Standard audio configuration is near field capture with background noise reduction